Monday, June 28, 2010

Boho Chic..from head to toe

When I think of Cali Boho I think of effortless beauty..Sunkissed hair with soft waves, a minimal amount of make-up, and earthy tones..Here are some Boho Chic trends I am diggin' in the moment that you can wear from "your head to your toes!"

            Bohemian Waves
Crochet is BACK and BETTER than ever, with a modern twist on your Grandma's usual.
      These knee high gladiator 
      sandals are "showstoppers!" 
     No one does it better than 
             Loose flowy tops
     "Make a statement, jewlery"
    Grecian Goddess headband
      Try a gold leaf headband, If your one that doesn't like to take fashion risks that are too daring
Bold jewlery in earthy tones
                       Earrings with 
                "an extra something" 

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Rundown...

Here is the rundown of a "few of my favorite things" in fashion right now..
This cuff is my OBSESSION!! I tryed it on in New York City at Topshop, and fell in love! I love it because it is glamorous, has a touch of bohemian, and yet the studs and spikes that give it a touch of rocker!  Basically you can wear it with any look I listed above, which is great because then it will never be sitting in your closet and I'm all about that!

I LOVE the geek chic trend! Whoever came up with it was a genius, because the look is something you think that would never work, but yet works for some reason..As they saw "fashion works in magical ways.."

I LOVE these pants! When I tryed them on in New York City but didn't fit me the best since I am petite. If I were tall I would totally work these out and would pair them with a loose flowy top that I would tuck in, a blazer, and pair of "hot" sandals. You could totally rock these out by going for the geek chic look also!

I loved these new thrashed shirts! They are the! Every celeb in Hollywood is in love with them also!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Beauty and the Beach

Here are some tips, and style essentials that every fashionista needs to look *smashing at the beach!

An old trend that has resurfaced is the Old Hollywood Pin-up trend.  I love old Hollywood pin-up girls because they are so chic, yet sexy. I love how they always wear a strong red lip, and then how it pops against their porcelain skin... "stunning." I also love their curled old hollywood hair!  Are you ready to rock this look out? you BETTER be, because I ADORE!


I have a new OBSESSION for this sexy, sleek, cut-out bathing suit!  This trend is pure AHHMAZINGNESS!! I love how the girl paired it with "bold, make-a-statement" jewlery! This look is "BANANNAS!" as Rachel Zoe says.

Another bathing suit trend is the "fringe" trend.  It adds a little edge, and a touch of bohemian! I LOVE!

These big floppy hats are show stoppers! They are so great because they look so chic, and yet block the sun at the same time! 

When going to the beach I like to wear a little make-up so I don't feel absolutely bare.  Here is a picture of a look done by MAC that is sunkissed, and yet isn't too much. Check out what they used for this look!
    For nails it's all about the "BRIGHTS!" 

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ohhhh sooo glamorous..

I admit that I am a GLAMAHOLIC! I seriously eat, sleep, and live for glamour!  Here is the rundown of what I am eyeing right now.....that is ohhhh sooo glamorous...

             Casadei Pumps

These shoes are freakin' TDF!! I'm in LOVE!! Seriously what makes more of a statement than a triple platform heel?? I answered your questiom..NOTHING!! Another thing that makes them soooo FABULOUS is that irresistable sky-high heel that gives you that flirty, leg-lengthening look that every girl wants!

                 Blake Lively

In my mind there is NOTHING better than a Herve Leger bandage dress!  They are so great because they are so feminine, and yet come to life on any, and every woman's body. I LOVE!!

 Rachel Zoe

Who is the QUEEN B of glamour?? It's my love, my idol Rachel Zoe! Rachel is soo fabulous! When I think of Rachel I of course think of her big fur vests, and perfectly sun kissed blonde hair, but what stands out to me the most is her jewlery. Rachel loves "BIG, make-a-statement, OVER THE TOP" jewlery that include chunky cuffs, lots of bracelets, drop earrings, rings, and a bold necklace. Being the "over-the-top" person that Rachel is, she is wears them all at once, and yet pulls it off!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

They're "IN" They're "OUT!"

I am soo diggin' these printed shorts, and yet they are SOO HOT right now! Move ova' old boring denim shorts their "IN" and your kinda out.. As we all know Whitney Port is the Queen B of this trend, and knows how to rock them!  Move ova' boring ol' tee-shirts! Crop tops are movin' "IN!" Crop tops are the new CRAZE of Hollywood!  They are a new spin on the classic t-shirt that I ADORE! What makes me love them more is that they look "banannas" with these shorts!  I would recommend picking out ones in solid colors, so then your eyes don't go too crazy.  I would also pair them with some bracelets, gladiator sandals or wooden wedges, and a bohemian braid to the side to add some drama..Now I'm loving it!
              Whitney Port
        The crop top CRAZE!

Cargo Pants are the new "hot shots" in Hollywood! They are being sported on every celeb that is anybody!  Move on ova' boring ol' capri's their is someone NEW in town!  These pants are my new OBSESSION! When I went to New York City I tried on a pair of J Brands Cargos and they were ahhmazing! They are supposed to fit like a glove, so you just do a little dance called "the J Brand dance"to put them on! hehe.. I promise doing the dance is totally worth it when you see the final result! You'll be in LOVE!
      All the celebs that LOVE Cargos!
       My FAVORITE Cargos by J Brand

Monday, June 21, 2010


When I was strolling around "the fashion capital of the world" I couldn't help but notice the new "It" trends...

  Everyone in the big apple was sporting these sky high buns. I was like to myself "Is it getting a little bun-ny around here or is it me?"jk lol. I love this new hairstyle! It is so chic, and yet it can be taken many ways. For instance you can make it polished and wear it like J-Lo, or if you are feeling a lil bit' on the lazy side you can just throw it all on top like Keri Russell for an effortless chic look.


Keri Russell

Another Trend I noticed on the "New Yawwk hipsters" was scarves! The trend also couldn't have come in a more appropriate time because people want to know what clothing items to invest in and this is DEFINITELY one! They are so great because you can wear them in every season, and yet can add that special touch to a simple outfit like Nicole's below.  You can also go the other way and add it into a rocker style outfit like Lindsay.  Adding the scarf was a great asset to her outfit because it broke up all the
black, and yet added a hint of glamour.

Nicole Richie
Lindsay Lohan

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dirtee Hollywood Molly Crabapple Debut party!

Who:Chery Jordan
What:A Stylist for Donna Karan

The "fabulous" Chery Jordan has been in the fashion industry for many years. When she was a teen she was a model, and did many other various jobs in the industry, so therefore she has been through the ropes.  I asked Chery about where her love for fashion came from and she said her mother.  When she was little she would go to church every sunday and for each time she went her Mom would design, and sew her a new outfit so she never wore something twice.  Chery's Mom was such an inspiration to her, and some of the things she taught her was to create her own identity regaurding style.  Chery created her own "signature look," very classic but glamorous entailing a black skirt, long black shirt, tights, a fabulous pair of shoes, and large bold "make a statement" jewlery.  Chery always wears a red lip, and a cat eye.  All in all Chery said "it's all about doing your own thing, and creating your own distinctive style. Yet creating it is so wonderful because it makes you unique, and stand out from everyone else."  As a Stylist for Donna Karan, Chery works with many important people in the industry including Blake Lively, Muhammad Ali's daughter, and the famous model Jessica Stam to name a few.  For this summer Chery said that bubble bottom, poofy skirts are "in."  I also asked Chery what advice she has for teens waiting to go into the fashion industry and she said that it's all about developing your own unique look from head-to-toe, but not going to far from the basics or else it will fail.
Who:David Long
What:Owner of Dirtee Hollywood

David Long the owner of Dirtee Hollywood created his line with the idea in mind to make fashion "fun and glamorous." Dirtee Hollywood started with its roots in the South, New York, and Hollywood CA, and now have expanded and are now going global selling in Germany, United Kingdom, Japan, Taiwan, Russia, Austria, Greece, Spain, Italy, Norway, and Canada. David brought on the extremely talented Molly Crabapple who David describes as "the new Andy Warhol."  Dirtee Hollywood clothing is bound to be the next "IT" thing!  The line has been spotted on David Beckham, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Justin Timberlake, J-Z, and many more..
Who:DJ Dan C.E
What:Owner of Make it Happen Entertainment

DJ Dan C.E described his passion for music since birth. He was inspired by the birth of Hip-Hop and the DJs from the area where he grew up who used to bring their sets out and rock the block. As he became a DJ, he was inspired by some of his best era's DJs and keepers of music, including: Grandmaster Flash, Bambaataa, Red Alert, Jellybean Benitez, Larry Levan, Tony Humphries and Timmy Regisford. As a DJ he was further inspired by his peers to "keep the music alive." DJs such as Sease One, Kid Capri, Brucie B., Spinna and Jazzy Jeff are all his inspirations because they continually reminding me that it's all about the music first. Dan currently has a standing residency at SIP Lounge and at The Skinny, both venues are in NYC.  He said the best advice he can give for teens who want to persue DJing is, that "if you have a passion for anything, not just DJing, then pursue it, If that is the thing that will make you happy. Understand that you will make mistakes, but that's ok, because that's how you learn. Failure only occurs if you stop pursuing your passion. Be true to yourself and respect the lives of others round out a great formula for success!"
Who:Molly Crabapple
What:Fine Artist

Molly Crabapple Molly Crabapple is an award-winning artist, author, and the founder of Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School Molly’s has drawn for the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Marvel Comics and DC Comics, and has illustrated over a dozen books. With her phenomal talent, she has also drawn giant theatrical backdrops, parade installations, burlesque posters, and has had gallery shows around the world! Molly said she learned to draw in a Parisian bookstore where her pen and ink technique came from hours spent copying Alice in Wonderland and A Tart’s Progess. Today Molly is described by The New York Times as "A Downtown Phenomenom."
One of Molly Crabapple's drawings
Who:Dee Razo
What:Owner of Razo Nightlife and Events
Who:Kimberly Goodnight
What:Pure P.R
From left:Molly Crabapple,David Long,Burlesque Dancer,Amanda(sister),Me
For more info go to..

Shopping in the C I T Y!

I LOVE this outfit! When I picked it out I used Whitney Port as my inspiration. Whitney is all about florals, and loose flowy shirts in nude colors. I then threw in a fedora, and Jeffrey Campbell platforms whichs which I ended up purchasing because I was SOO OBSESSED! Jeffrey Campbell shoes are seriously the BOMB.COM!
Love this shirt it is GORGE!! And it gets better..LOOK BELOW!!
NOW..I know your going nuts! This piece is so great because you can dress it up, or dress it down. For a daytime look pair it with leggings, or cargo pants then some killer shoes such as platform heels! For Night You could still wear it with leggings but change up the shoes. To add some DRAMA throw on some high black pumps & a chic purse! One of my absolute faves is the Chanel classic flip bag which is "Banannas!" Slap on some red lipstick, and do a cateye, and now we're talkin!

Girl meets NYC

      Petting a Horse in Central Park
     The Stylish Wanderer vs. 
     the big city
the glamour..
             The Plaza Hotel
Having a Mariah Carey moment..(last time I went to NYC she was filming her music video for the song So Obsessed, and walked through these exact doors..the pic is below)
Mariah and some guy..
                Central Park
           Brunch at Sarabeths