Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Rundown...

Here is the rundown of a "few of my favorite things" in fashion right now..
This cuff is my OBSESSION!! I tryed it on in New York City at Topshop, and fell in love! I love it because it is glamorous, has a touch of bohemian, and yet the studs and spikes that give it a touch of rocker!  Basically you can wear it with any look I listed above, which is great because then it will never be sitting in your closet and I'm all about that!

I LOVE the geek chic trend! Whoever came up with it was a genius, because the look is something you think that would never work, but yet works for some reason..As they saw "fashion works in magical ways.."

I LOVE these pants! When I tryed them on in New York City but didn't fit me the best since I am petite. If I were tall I would totally work these out and would pair them with a loose flowy top that I would tuck in, a blazer, and pair of "hot" sandals. You could totally rock these out by going for the geek chic look also!

I loved these new thrashed shirts! They are the! Every celeb in Hollywood is in love with them also!

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