Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ohhhh sooo glamorous..

I admit that I am a GLAMAHOLIC! I seriously eat, sleep, and live for glamour!  Here is the rundown of what I am eyeing right now.....that is ohhhh sooo glamorous...

             Casadei Pumps

These shoes are freakin' TDF!! I'm in LOVE!! Seriously what makes more of a statement than a triple platform heel?? I answered your questiom..NOTHING!! Another thing that makes them soooo FABULOUS is that irresistable sky-high heel that gives you that flirty, leg-lengthening look that every girl wants!

                 Blake Lively

In my mind there is NOTHING better than a Herve Leger bandage dress!  They are so great because they are so feminine, and yet come to life on any, and every woman's body. I LOVE!!

 Rachel Zoe

Who is the QUEEN B of glamour?? It's my love, my idol Rachel Zoe! Rachel is soo fabulous! When I think of Rachel I of course think of her big fur vests, and perfectly sun kissed blonde hair, but what stands out to me the most is her jewlery. Rachel loves "BIG, make-a-statement, OVER THE TOP" jewlery that include chunky cuffs, lots of bracelets, drop earrings, rings, and a bold necklace. Being the "over-the-top" person that Rachel is, she is wears them all at once, and yet pulls it off!

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