Monday, June 21, 2010


When I was strolling around "the fashion capital of the world" I couldn't help but notice the new "It" trends...

  Everyone in the big apple was sporting these sky high buns. I was like to myself "Is it getting a little bun-ny around here or is it me?"jk lol. I love this new hairstyle! It is so chic, and yet it can be taken many ways. For instance you can make it polished and wear it like J-Lo, or if you are feeling a lil bit' on the lazy side you can just throw it all on top like Keri Russell for an effortless chic look.


Keri Russell

Another Trend I noticed on the "New Yawwk hipsters" was scarves! The trend also couldn't have come in a more appropriate time because people want to know what clothing items to invest in and this is DEFINITELY one! They are so great because you can wear them in every season, and yet can add that special touch to a simple outfit like Nicole's below.  You can also go the other way and add it into a rocker style outfit like Lindsay.  Adding the scarf was a great asset to her outfit because it broke up all the
black, and yet added a hint of glamour.

Nicole Richie
Lindsay Lohan

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