Thursday, June 24, 2010

Beauty and the Beach

Here are some tips, and style essentials that every fashionista needs to look *smashing at the beach!

An old trend that has resurfaced is the Old Hollywood Pin-up trend.  I love old Hollywood pin-up girls because they are so chic, yet sexy. I love how they always wear a strong red lip, and then how it pops against their porcelain skin... "stunning." I also love their curled old hollywood hair!  Are you ready to rock this look out? you BETTER be, because I ADORE!


I have a new OBSESSION for this sexy, sleek, cut-out bathing suit!  This trend is pure AHHMAZINGNESS!! I love how the girl paired it with "bold, make-a-statement" jewlery! This look is "BANANNAS!" as Rachel Zoe says.

Another bathing suit trend is the "fringe" trend.  It adds a little edge, and a touch of bohemian! I LOVE!

These big floppy hats are show stoppers! They are so great because they look so chic, and yet block the sun at the same time! 

When going to the beach I like to wear a little make-up so I don't feel absolutely bare.  Here is a picture of a look done by MAC that is sunkissed, and yet isn't too much. Check out what they used for this look!
    For nails it's all about the "BRIGHTS!" 

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