Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sex and the City 2!

Sex and the City 2 screamed FABULOUSITY! I loved the Gorgeous setting of Abu Dhabi, and of course the FASHION; in some cases.. I thought Samanthas spikey red dress was a little out there..and so was Carries J'adore Dior shirt paired with the long purple skirt..On the positive side, Samantha made me crack up because she had anxiety about menopause which she staved off by taking fourty-hormone pills and vitamins/day. When she was not able to take her pills and supplements on the plane to Abu Dhabi she got hot flashes and was eating "hummus for breakfast, and yams for lunch" because it was shown to pause menopause "according to Google." Carrie Bradshaw's apartment was OFF THE CHARTS! It was so chic, polished to perfection, and stunning! I will own an apartment like that one day!ahhhh

One thing that caught my eye were the FAB-U-LOUS shoes! I went BANANNAS!  Brian Atwood is my new man! Carrie Bradshaws little purple pumps with a 5 inch heel ran for $800 and SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE!!
I loved Carries turban headwrap! It's a chic twist on the average poolside headwrap. I love love love..


  1. im in LOOOOVE with those brian atwood pumps! may have to make the investment!! xo


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