Saturday, August 21, 2010

Jessica Simpson & Ken Paves Hair-do Extensions!

                      With Ken at Barnes & Noble

The Salon on Robertson Blvd. in Los Angeles

The Seating area

Link to video on HOW TO put in the extensions:

She put in the 22in Straight Extension 

      She used Bump Up the Volume Extension on 

Parissa looking glamorous leaving the salon

Ran into Adrien Grenier while I was leaving Ken's Salon! He is soo cute! : )

It all started in an aisle of the Barnes and Noble, Pasadena.  My friend Parissa and I were looking for an empty aisle to sit down and read magazines to catch up on our Hollywood gossip. We instantly became starstruck when we stumbled upon Hollywood's infamous hair guru: Ken Paves! His A-list clients include Jessica Simpson, Eva Longoria, Ashley Simpson, Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan, and many more. He was so sweet, down-to-earth, and easy to talk to! I told him that I bought new extensions and asked him for some styling tips; he responded by telling us to stop by his salon the next day so he could give us  extensions and style them.
         When we called the Salon in the morning we were sad to be greeted by an answering machine that indicated the Salon was closed for the day. Of course this didn't stop us from driving to the Salon to check it out. When we got there the side door was open and a stylist greeted us and told us that Ken was busy in a meeting, but she was more than happy to help us. We sat down, and she immediately got to work. She first inspected our hair in order for her to get a feel for what hair types she was working with. Before bringing out the hair extensions, she explained to us the Science of hair care and the PH Scale of protein and moisture. She told us that it is common for people to overly moisturize their hair or add too much protein causing starchy textures. She recommended balancing the two.

Kelly LaPointe
-Job: Manager of Ken Paves Salon on Robertson Blvd. in LA

I asked Kelly a couple of questions about her journey, and life as a hair stylist, HERE THEY ARE..
1. At what age did you decide that you really wanted to be in this industry? What were your parents reactions, were they supportive?
At 13 years old I decided that hair was my love and wanted to spend the rest of my life doing it. I went to a salon in the mall in Wisconsin where I grew up and asked for an application, and from there on it all started! My parents wanted me to explore every career to keep my options open, but overall they wanted me to persue something I was passionate about and made me happy.
2. What was your "big break" how did you become known?
I took every opportunity, taught all around the country, did things as a Manager, as a Stylist, and everything contributed.
3.  I know that teenagers now-a-days have a straigtening and curling iron addiction, including me. What advice would you give teenagers that want to keep their hair healthy?
I would learn to work with your natural texture, and to embrace what you have. It is important that you always keep your temperature low when using an iron of any sort.
4. What advice would you give to people out there that want to break into this industry?
Again, it's all about looking at everything as an opportunity, to always be humble, and to never burn bridges.

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