Sunday, August 22, 2010

The fabulous Tony Wang

Who: Tony Wang
What:-Fashion Creative and                    Technologist
          -Founder of: 
          -A Contracted Consultant 
             for BCBG

Sipping coffee with the fabulous Tony Wang while interviewing him about life as a Fashion Blogger, and being a regular at New York Fashion Week was an eye-opening experience! Read ALL ABOUT the interview below..

1. How did you start out in fashion?
I recognized my love for fashion when I was a Senior in high school. At first when I started out I wasn't serious about it at all. I would design dresses, blog for fun, and interview people in the industry. 

2. Have you taken any Styling, or Fashion Classes? Did you believe that everyone in the industry has had to take fashion classes?
No I have never taken any fashion classes, but at UPENN(where Tony attends college) I took a Visual Merchandising class in its Marketing Department. No, not everyone has had to take fashion classes, for instance Ralph Lauren never did. Fashion has many different areas and therefore need people with different backgrounds; from business and marketing people to people who major in english and literature.

3. I know my parents are tough on me for wanting a career in the fashion industry. What was your parents take on it?
 At first they were not happy because they wanted me to major in Finance, and they would try to ignore me saying I wanted to be in fashion. For instance, one day my dad asked me if I applied for a finance job and I said no. Even though my parents felt fashion was not an ideal career for me, it made me happy and I pursued it, ignoring the criticism along the way.

4. Where do you get your inspirations from? 
When designing clothes I look to nature and space for inspiration. My second clothing collection was armor inspired so I watched Lord of the Rings. I added studs making it edgy with a subtle twist.

5. Sometimes I feel ostracized by people at my school because of my different style. Did you encounter situations where you felt that way?
There was one time where a hater wrote mean things about my blog commenting that I dressed wierd, was boring, and even asked the other readers why they read my blog. When blogging I am always open for cricism but sometimes it gets out of hand.

6. What is it like going to New York Fashion Week?
At Fashion Week everyone is stressed, excited, and there is a mix of every emotion. There are fashionistas, designers, retailers, celebrities, stylists, and PR people trying to make sure designers are getting publicity. There is a lot of intensity and energy, but yet is amazing.

7. Have you ever had an embarassing moment in the fashion world?
I was in the second row of the Narcisco Rodriguez show and there was a lady with poofy orange hair sitting in front of me. I couldn't see anything, and therefore commented to my neighbor that I couldn't see over this lady's hair, then he said to me "that's Anna Wintour."

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