Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Talented Make Up Artist, Asal

The Beautiful Asal
Asal is an international makeup artist with more than 10 years professional experience; specializing in unique makeup looks for weddings, fashion, TV & film, events, and training. She has worked with celebrities such as Vienna Girardi from the Bachelor, Gretchen Rossi from the Real Housewives of O.C, and also a few European Socialites. Asal has a passion for color and finding new and colorful ways to bring out the best her clients. Another thing that is so special about Asal is that not only is she so sweet and nurturing, but also has a passion for life and hearing peoples stories.
When I first met Asal at the Project Pink Fashion Show
Great look for the Holidays!
Before & After

While I was sitting in Asal's chair getting primped, I asked her some questions about Make Up, and her journey as an Artist..

1. Where did your love for Make Up come from?
When I was younger I always loved watching my Mom and sisters get ready for parties, and seeing transformations. I was in awe of what make up could do, and the confidence it could instill in a person. In High School I loved doing Before & Afters on my friends.

2. How did your Make Up Journey begin?
I lived in Spain where I had clients, and during my time there I lived with a Spanish family, spoke Spanish, and also worked at a coffee shop which was a great experience. I would do photo shoots and runway shows in Italy, and had a celebrity client in Milan. In the U.S., I worked with Trish McEvoy, Armani, and other lines at Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom, and as a freelance artist.

3. Did you go to Cosmetology school?
 I do not have a cosmetology degree, and I've learned by always being ready to try new things and gaining years of hands on experience. I have a great friend in the industry here who has taught me a lot, and I've taken some great make up classes in Europe.

4. What is your Signature Look?
I love a strong smoky eye and making my clients skin appear flawless so their best features stand out.  If not flawless, it can be a distraction to what is on the clients face. I love a really bright red or bright pink lip, or even a beautiful juicy nude lip. I love a strong contrast.

5. Favorite Make Up lines?
I use a combination of the best products from different lines. I especially love the pigment of MAC products and the brushes and eye shadow system from Trish McEvoy. I think it's all about picking and choosing because everyone is different and what might work on one person might not work on another. It's all about trial and error and finding the perfect make up that makes you feel beautiful.

               Other Work
Tattoed Pirate Girl
Exotic Fashion Look
Gretchen Rossi from the T.V show, The Real Housewives of O.C
Vienna Girardi from the T.V show, The Bachelor

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