Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Just a little Photoshoot!

Tonight we had some family friends over and my little friend Juliette and I were bored..We went into my room and stumbled upon my closet, immediately rummaging through my clothes and the next thing I know, we decided to do a photoshoot!  I then asked Juliette to pick out her favorite piece from my closet so I could put together an outfit for her. I then found myself doing hair, make-up, and all that jazz! Here are some pictures from the shoot!

                             and After!!
      MAKEUP!! I did a smoky eye with a nude lip and a babydoll inspired blush look..
                                               A closer look..
      Lovin' the Old Hollywood inspired curls!!
                   Model Shot
Went for the glamorous, Rachel Zoe inspired look but toned down a little!
             Having Funnnn!

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