Monday, July 5, 2010

INSPIRATION is all around you...if you just open your eyes!

Lately I have run into some new loves..From being around people at the Academy that have similar interests as myself, I have learned from them some rad' stuff! From being up in the City everyday I have taken in its beauty, and just from looking around I have become inspired! From the people, to the streets, to the buildings..and of course the fashion! I have learned that I am SOO NOT a suburb girl, and instead a city girl at heart! From the trips to the fabric store, my classes, and the inspiring people around me I have learned that I have found the place where I belong. I feel that I have taken my determination, drive, and creativity to a different level!  Being a teen is all about discovering yourself, and what your about.. Fortunately, I have found myself and know what I want, and won't stop till I make my mark in the fashion world!
My current new FAVORITE website is! It features bloggers, fashionistas, models..etc who have their own pages. The pages feature people modeling different fashion forward wardrobes, and with that create their own photoshoots.

Another website I love is For those of you who live in the San Francisco Bay Area it features independent designers in the Bay Area and beyond that feature Indie inspired fashions. It tells you about what stores are selling, buying, and featuring them.

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